• A Load'N'Go Removable Truck Body has several advantages over traditional style utility bodies:
  • No limitation for the uses of a specific vehicle - increasing the flexibility and actual value of the vehicle

  • No need to purchase, maintain and insure multiple vehicles – one truck can be used for several operations or
    as both a work and a "play" truck

  • Simplifies purchasing or leasing

  • Standardization is becoming more important to fleet managers. Load'N'Go allows you to purchase or
    lease a standard pickup truck that will satisfy several user groups
  • Purchase or lease work truck and when the vehicle arrives quickly install the Load'N'Go and the crew
    can go to work, no waiting weeks for a body to be installed

  • Load'N'Go utility bodies outlast chassis-when the chassis is replaced, or you're at the end of your lease,
    there is no need to pay for a new utility body, with Load'N'Go, simply transfer the body to the new truck

  • Load'N'Go will outlast most standard utility bodies in harsh environments due to a large portion of the truck

  • You never lose access to your body, tools and equipment

  • If your truck requires service or is in an accident, simply transfer the entire body to another truck and
    continue working and earning

  • The vehicle does not require recertification

  • Factory fuel lines, bumpers, electrical are left untouched

  • Resale value on a pickup truck is typically higher than on a used chassis with a utility body

  • Unload the body at a job site and use the body as a job box

  • Save fuel and wear and tear on your chassis
Why do I need a removable utility body rather than
a cab/chassis mounted standard utility body?  
Why Transferable?
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Toll Free USA (866) 497-7200 or Direct (480) 736-8800
2015 Fleetwest, All rights reserved.